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 Haze-Free Air 


In 1997, we first had our worst case of transboundary haze. Over 20 years later, we are still dealing with air pollution from haze almost yearly.

According to the Health Ministry of Malaysia, the 2019 haze led to a rapid rise in asthma and conjunctivitis cases nationwide.

Now in the middle of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic that affects our lungs, can we really afford to live through another season of air pollution from domestic and transboundary haze?


Clean and haze-free air is NOT a luxury. It is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.

"The smoke was unbearable. We were woken up by the choking stench in the early morning and found the smoke appearing late at night."

Suffering from repeated bouts of local haze pollution from 2010 to 2020 in the Kota Kemuning area, became too much to bear for Dr. Teckwyn Lim and his family, especially for his elderly diabetic mother-in-law and young daughter.

"My mother-in-law developed lung-cancer. In the end we had no choice but to move out of the area. I made around 2 dozen trips to visit the site of the burning and made around a dozen reports to the fire department, Department of Environment and directly to the Federal Ministry."

"There has been no positive outcome as far as I can see. The burning continues."

Dr. Lim observes that the smoke haze in Shah Alam is caused by the burning of peat soil by vegetable farmers in Johan Setia, Klang, several kilometres away from Kota Kemuning.

The farmers set fire to the peat soil after each harvest and during the dry season, these fires often spread out of control.

Submission of a complaint on haze pollution to the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia. © Darshen Chelliah   Greenpeace

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Fight for a haze-free Malaysia.

Fight for clean air to be recognised as a basic human right!

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Haze-Free Malaysia

Clean air, free from haze is a basic human right that we must now protect.

Submission of a complaint on haze pollution to the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia. Offline action with volunteers. © Darshen Chelliah   Greenpeace

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