Global plastics treaty now!

At the United Nations Environmental Assembly in March 2022, governments officially adopted a mandate opening negotiations for a global, legally-binding plastics treaty to address the whole lifecycle of plastics. 

The negotiations for the Global Plastics Treaty have started, with the goal of completing the process by the end of 2024. The future treaty has a huge potential to put the world on a path toward a plastic-free future but it will be up to us to make sure that it delivers on its promises.


We demand an ambitious and strong global plastics treaty that will limit plastic production and use. A strong global plastics treaty will keep oil and gas used to produce plastic in the ground and stop big polluters with their relentless plastic production. A strong plastics treaty will deliver a cleaner, safer planet for us and for future generations.

  • Limiting plastic production and use;
  • Changing the way corporations deliver products to people with focus on refill and reuse;
  • Holding corporate polluters accountable;
  • Demanding full transparency on plastic production, use, import and export;
  • Requiring wealthy countries to lead the zero-waste transition and help others;
  • Ensuring Indigenous Peoples, frontline communities, waste pickers, and affected workers have a voice in designing a just transition to a reuse economy.

Ask the Philippine government to champion a strong Global Plastics Treaty during upcoming negotiations so that we can finally turn off the tap and end the age of plastic.


Let’s end the age of plastic!

Ask the Philippine government to support a global plastics treaty!

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