Protect our future from climate change

Representation of communities standing up to the world’s biggest oil, gas, and cement companies most responsible for the climate crisis.

We find ourselves in scary and uncertain times. The past few years have taken a huge toll on our communities, families, and even our own mental and emotional health–the pandemic, the recent elections, and the multiple crises that keep coming at us, all while climate change continues to worsen. 

Even our personal hopes and dreams are threatened by climate change, the biggest challenge of our generation. The climate crisis is interlinked with other issues we are currently facing like poverty, corruption, food insecurity, and health. Climate impacts are hurting us, taking away our present and future opportunities while the perpetrators whose businesses have been destroying the climate for decades continue to get away with it.

Fossil fuel companies like ExxonMobil and Shell knew decades ago that the burning of fossil fuels could lead to catastrophic climate impacts, which would harm people and the planet, but some chose to hide this and undermine the science and the facts.

The good news is climate-impacted communities, youth climate advocates, and civil society organizations are already winning in the struggle to bring these companies to justice. The recently concluded National Inquiry on Climate Change confirmed that companies behind the climate crisis are violating our rights, and they must stop their destructive activities. 

As COP27 approaches, it is imperative that the Philippine delegation bring an urgent and coherent statement – for rich nations to recognize the dire climate impacts in vulnerable countries like ours, and establish a loss and damage mechanism that will ensure that not only are carbon major companies held accountable, but that the people who are suffering the most are compensated.

We can’t let these carbon polluters steal our dreams, and we will not let our fellow youths’ and Filipino communities’ efforts be in vain. Add your voice to the call for climate justice!


Ask the Philippine delegation to make a strong statement at COP27 by demanding a loss and damage mechanism and holding carbon major companies accountable. Your voice, ideas, and talents will help a lot as we push for justice and concrete solutions.

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