The Philippines has been in a climate emergency for decades now — with millions across the country left to suffer the catastrophic effects of extreme weather, made stronger and more deadly by climate change.

Year after year, Filipinos are identified among the most impacted globally by this crisis, an emergency situation made worse by the big polluters who have lied and covered up about their contribution, protecting their businesses and profits.

Everyday Filipinos have been leading the way in exposing the big fossil fuel corporations most responsible for the emissions heating up the planet, but now it’s time for our government to formally acknowledge this urgent crisis and declare a climate emergency.

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To: President  Rodrigo Duterte, 

It is time that the government acknowledges the urgent crisis that Filipinos are facing every day and act with the urgency now required. 

We call on you to make a Climate Emergency Declaration in the form of an Executive Order that ensures climate change and its impact on the lives of Filipino people is a top government priority. This Declaration should inform critical political decisions and concrete actions for the government to:

1. Put climate urgency at the center of all policy decision-making from local to national level.

2. Hold fossil fuel companies responsible for their role in driving climate change and inflicting harm on the Filipino people.

3. Demand other countries, particularly industrialized nations, enhance their emissions reduction ambitions in order to meet the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degrees Celsius target.

4. Ensure the Philippines’ rapid and just transition to a low-carbon pathway through a massive uptake of renewable energy solutions.

5. Phase-out coal, and stop all plans for future coal and fossil fuel investments.


Thank you for asking the president to act on the #Climate Emergency

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